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Providing quality live entertainment in the Lebanon Valley since 1934, the Lebanon County Community Concert Association is one of the oldest community concert programs in the country.

The LCCCA Board members (all of whom serve voluntarily with no remuneration) assume responsibility for "back-stage" details: rental of the auditorium, printing of tickets, securing ushers, printing and distribution of advertising fliers, the transportation and housing of the artists, piano tuning, and so on. Sometimes the going is rough and there is lively discussion as to what artists to schedule, or what date to choose, but one thing has been constant through the years: the love of good music and the desire to bring to the community of Lebanon the joys of live music. Perhaps Columbia Artists (an early supplier of artists for LCCCA) said it best: "A Carnegie Hall in Every Town". Thanks to the vision, enterprise, and selfless dedication of countless people through the years, the community of Lebanon has enjoyed many distinguished artists (most of whom had difficulty in finding our little community on the map)!

We are pleased that LCCCA was selected for a state grant from the Pennsylvania Partners in the Arts (PPA), the regional arts funding partnership of the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, a state agency. State government funding comes through an annual appropriation by Pennsylvania’s General Assembly and from the National Endowment for the Arts, a federal agency. 

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