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A Journey Through the 60's

Sunday, March 30, 2024


Sixtiesmania is one of the leading 60's tribute bands in the USA today.  Having performed all over the world, the band is now based full time in Las Vegas, Nevada, but still travels all over the country to perform their incredible salute to the greatest music of all time. Sixtiesmania, covers everything from the Beatles British Invasion to the music of Woodstock and everything in between, and after! Stones, CCR, Doors, Monkees, Beach Boys, Kinks, Free, Cream, the Vietnam anthem songs, Summer of love, and the list goes on!


Andrew Hill (Bass, vocals)

Andrew Hill is originally from Australia and is the producer and founder of Sixtiesmania.  Andrew has toured with the Everly Brothers, Beach Boys, Johnny Rivers, BJ Thomas and many other childhood heroes. 

Joe Taylor (Guitar, keyboard, vocals)

Joe Taylor is a singer songwriter originally from Canada. He mainly worked in New York and Los Angeles as an original artist, sometimes opening for Rick Springfield and other major recording artists. 

Glenn McCallum (Lead Guitar, vocals)

Glenn McCallum is also originally from Australia and has been playing with Andrew for over 20 years. 

Steve Smith (Drums, percussion, vocals)

Being a product of the 60’s, Steven Smith was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area.  

Sunday, April 13, 2025

The 2024 - 25 Patron Concert

(Not included with the Season Subscription)

As a thank you ---LCCCA season subscribers who are also patrons who contribute $30 or more receive 2 tickets to our Patron-Benefit concert.  Proceeds from single ticket sales on the day of the concert benefit the Cedar Foundation.   The 2024-25 Patron-Benefit concert is... 


The Music & Passion of Barry Manilow

Get ready to experience one of the most authentic tribute acts ever to hit the music scene as DAYBREAK “The Music & Passion of Barry Manilow” takes you on a musical journey back to the 70’s.   Fans will experience Barry Manilow’s greatest hits the way you remember them.  


Barry Manilow is considered by many to be one of the most successful pop artists ever and became an international star with a string of hits combining heart on the sleeve sentiment, with lyrical pop craftsmanship and a slick, highly orchestrated production.  Barry Manilow recorded and released 51 Top 40 singles including 13 that reached number one.


Led by veteran musician and accomplished pianist Joe Hite, DAYBREAK brings to life timeless classics like “Mandy”, “Can’t Smile Without You” and the foot stomping rhythm of “Copacabana” just to name a few.  You won’t believe your eyes or ears as this 8-piece ensemble presents the Music and Passion of Barry Manilow to perfection while keeping the music alive for generations to enjoy.    


Make a patron contribution of $30 or more (in addition to a season subscription) and receive 2 tickets to DAYBREAK  on April 21, 2024.  Patron Donations can be made on-line or by sending a check to... LCCCA Patron Donation, 212 W Orchard Dr, Palmyra, PA 17078.

Good Shot Judy presents... "The Century of Swing

Sunday, April 27, 2025


It’s hard to say the exact moment when Good Shot Judy came to life.  It could have been when brothers Brett and Jeff Cahoon stepped away from the success that they’d achieved with their punk band Ten Years from Now and chose instead to see what they could do with the old-time jazz standards they’d admired for so long and formed a small combo.

Or maybe it was when an inside joke made a name for itself. Their mother, Judy Cahoon, is an avid golfer, and the guys would shout  three words of encouragement every time she took a swing: “Good shot, Judy!” It became a funny family warble among the Cahoons – and as it turns out, a solid band name, too.

Anxious to give the classic melodies the respect and attention that it deserved, the Cahoons filled out Good Shot Judy with a full complement of horns, percussion and vocals. And magic happened: an ensemble that was bigger than the sum of its parts.

In a sense, Good Shot Judy was already in the stars long ago when big amp jazz bands set stages aflame nationwide. 

Audiences may never consider that the Good Shot Judy show they’re seeing has been an evolution. They’re too captivated by the sound and spectacle of music that from the 1930s on, when small jazz combos, big brass bands and the crooners who sang on top of them were forging an enduring style and repertoire that would be written into the DNA of American music.They’re too caught up in performance that has one foot dancing in the past and one in the here and now.

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