IMPORTANT UPDATE:   Although  COVID-19 restrictions on large group gatherings do not allow us to return to live concerts  to start the 2021-2022 concert season...

LCCCA will continue to offer Virtual Concerts

until we can again gather safely in large groups!

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A New Year -

     Hope for Tomorrow

January 15-17


2020 has been a bummer! 

Join us in January for a Virtual Experience that focuses on how the past can inspire the future.  The LCCCA presentation this month was created for and by the young and young-at heart.  So don't be surprised if you see live performances by local students, shadow dancing, and social media highlights in...

A New Year:  Hope for Tomorrow.

Opening with the Boston Pops and including messages and performances by artists who have appeared through the years on the radio, television, live stage, and social media, we are sure that our memories of the past will take us back to days that now seem less complicated... but will also provide the inspiration that although things may look different today... we have a future that is filled with hope and promises!

Peacherine Ragtime Orchestra

February 19-21

Experience the Peacherine Ragtime Orchestra’s Stage and Screen Spectacular - a musical time machine back to the fun and excitement of the early 20th Century. Tap your feet to the syncopated stylings of the early 1900s - from tongue-in-cheek vocal numbers like "Take Your Girlie To The Movies If You Can't Make Love At Home" to the music of Scott Joplin, George Gershwin, and even Queen. Watch a classic silent film as it would have been seen back in the day, underscored by a live 12 person orchestra with live music and sound effects! It's a program sure to make both young and old smile from ear to ear. Grab your bowler hat and suspenders, park your Model T down the street, and enjoy a trip back in time with Peacherine!


Greg and Tom 


March 19-21


For decades Tom Strohman has played saxophone, clarinet, flute, and keyboard in many jazz and commercial music settings, while Greg Strohman has performed as a trombonist and pianist in primarily classical music environments. Both Tom and Greg have been known to branch out into many other musical genres over the years!

A message from Lindsay


Take 3

April 16-18


Our plans for the  2020-21 spring concert season changed with the onslaught of  COVID-19.  We had planned to open with a concert that featured the exciting Take3 with Lauren Jelencovitch.  Instead we had a ZOOM get-together with concert goers and featured songs and comments from the artists that were scheduled to appear. But we are happy to announce that Take 3 is part of our 2020-21 Virtual Season.  

Take3 is an entertaining classical-pop crossover group that brings an exciting twist on classical music to the stage. These classically trained artists  present modern, pop songs and play them in ways you haven’t heard before. Music from Bruno Mars, Leonard Cohen, Hans Zimmer, Billy Joel and the Beatles are all re-imagined by Take3.

With a flair for the wild and unexpected, the genre-bending trio, Take3, brings the refinement of a rigorous classical background and mixes it with rock star charisma. Whether performing their take on pop, jazz, or classical tunes, they bring enthusiasm to their interpretations and impart their love of music to audiences of all musical preferences.

Their rigorous classical training at Colburn School and The Juilliard School has ignited their passion for musical exploration and is aiding them in revolutionizing the piano trio experience. 

Take3’s fan base continues to grow around the world through each individual’s solo, chamber and orchestral engagements, such as violinist, Lindsay Deutsch and vocalist, Lauren Jelencovitch’s tours with Yanni. Their mission is to connect with fans around the world and impart their love of music to audiences of all ages and musical preferences. They continue to release new music videos and will be releasing a trio album in the 2019-2020 concert season. Members have appeared in major music venues such as Disney Hall, Carnegie Hall, Alice Tully Hall, Radio City Music Hall in New York, Venice Performing Arts Center and the Greek Theater in Los Angeles.