IMPORTANT UPDATE: COVID-19 has forced us to cut short our 2019-2020 concert season, but we haven't forgotten about our talented artists who were booked to perform in the Spring! Please take a few moments to watch their messages to you, our amazing audience, and their signature performance videos. 

A message from Lindsay

Take 3


Our plans for the  spring concert season changed with COVID-19.  We had planned to open with a concert that featured the exciting Take3 with Lauren Jelencovitch.  Instead we had a ZOOM get-together with concert goers and featured songs and comments from the artists that were scheduled to appear.

Take3 is an entertaining classical-pop crossover group that brings an exciting twist on classical music to the stage. These classically trained artists  present modern, pop songs and play them in ways you haven’t heard before. Music from Bruno Mars, Leonard Cohen, Hans Zimmer, Billy Joel and the Beatles are all re-imagined by Take3.

With a flair for the wild and unexpected, the genre-bending trio, Take3, brings the refinement of a rigorous classical background and mixes it with rock star charisma. Whether performing their take on pop, jazz, or classical tunes, they bring enthusiasm to their interpretations and impart their love of music to audiences of all musical preferences.

Their rigorous classical training at Colburn School and The Juilliard School has ignited their passion for musical exploration and is aiding them in revolutionizing the piano trio experience. 

Take3’s fan base continues to grow around the world through each individual’s solo, chamber and orchestral engagements, such as violinist, Lindsay Deutsch and vocalist, Lauren Jelencovitch’s tours with Yanni. Their mission is to connect with fans around the world and impart their love of music to audiences of all ages and musical preferences. They continue to release new music videos and will be releasing a trio album in the 2019-2020 concert season. Members have appeared in major music venues such as Disney Hall, Carnegie Hall, Alice Tully Hall, Radio City Music Hall in New York, Venice Performing Arts Center and the Greek Theater in Los Angeles.

Take Me Home

The Music of John Denver


Take Me Home: The Music of John Denver as presented by Jim Curry was scheduled to conclude our 86th Concert Season.  Jim sings, in his own natural voice, a tribute to the music in a way that has to be seen and heard to understand the pure honesty of his amazing performance. His looks and his voice are simply a pleasant coincidence that captures the true essence of John Denver’s music. Curry’s heartfelt delivery rolls out multi-platinum hits like Rocky Mountain High, Annie’s Song, and Calypso that fill the room with countless memories of days gone by.


To compliment the performance visually, slides and video are played in sync with each song. Some of the video is the original video John Denver used in his own shows. Jim believes that John Denver’s words still ring true in these difficult times of turmoil and environmental crisis. John Denver grew rapidly into a mega celebrity when the world was looking for some hope in the late 60’s and his lyrics in songs like, Take me Home Country Roads, gave America a new lift abroad as well as at home.


People all over the world found pride in the natural wonders of the earth and love for John’s message of caring for our planet and each other. Jim delivers these songs in the same spirit, with the same heartfelt care and desire to make a difference. He produces many tribute experiences and is considered the top performer of John Denver’s music today.


He often performs with John Denver’s former band members and his tribute is the first and only full-length John Denver tribute in a Las Vegas Casino. The  show has been seen in Performing Arts Centers and Casinos in the US and Canada and is one of the most popular shows on the Holland America Cruise Line.

A message from Jason

Jason Coleman


Each year we present one special concert that is only available to audience members who support the concert series with a patron donation of $30 or more. This special concert is our way of saying “THANK YOU!” To learn more about becoming a Patron, click here to view our Patron page.   


This year we had hoped to feature pianist, Jason Coleman and his combo.  Jason was an audience favorite when he last appeared in Lebanon in the spring of 2015 and entertained us with The Piano Magic of Floyd Cramer.  As we learned in 2015, Jason is the son of Floyd Cramer’s youngest daughter, Donna, and highlights his grandfather’s “slip note” piano style throughout his concerts. 


Floyd Cramer was one of the most admired and beloved instrumentalists of all time and his distinctive touch at the piano, which he called the “slip note”.  Although Floyd’s life was cut short by cancer in 1997, his “piano magic” is instantly identifiable in country, pop, and rock music legends such as Patsy Cline, Jim Reeves, Roy Orbison, the Everly Brothers, and Elvis Presley.

 From a young age, it was evident that Jason had inherited his grandfather’s “slip note” touch at the piano, as it managed to “slip” its way into even the most elementary songs from his early piano lessons. Jason’s keen ability to play music by ear led to a childhood spent arranging his own renditions of the songs he loved, just as his “Grandad” did throughout his career.


In addition to sharing the piano bench at home, Jason grew up performing with Floyd at his concerts and on national TV, and though he was only 12 years old when Floyd passed away, the close relationship they shared formed the foundation upon which Jason has built his own career in music.  He continues to produce his own piano albums and while touring the country with  concerts that pay tribute to his grandfather’s legacy and signature "slip note" piano style.

A Nashville native, Jason makes his home in Hendersonville, Tennessee, with his wife, Natalie, and their new baby boy, Avery Cramer.

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